Venue Services

Venue Services

Venue Services

Coventry Building Society Arena is an award-winning facility based in the heart of the UK. Combining business, sport, and music, our venue offers you and your clients an environment that is accessible and unique.  Our team of site-based experts is on hand to ensure you deliver a first-class quality experience. 

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  • IT services

    IT services

    We can provide a number of IT solutions to meet your event requirements.

  • Catering


    Our dedicated catering team works hard to ensure we provide our guests with innovative and exciting catering options. Speak to your event organiser for details of our menu choices.

  • Audio visual

    Audio visual

    Cue Media is our in-house A/V provider. They specialise in ground-breaking live events, media, AV, broadcasting, digital content and mixed reality. Cue works directly with our clients to deliver high-quality and innovative events.

  • Marketing services

    Marketing services

    We support event organisers in many ways and dressing the venue and delivering exciting additional marketing opportunities is one of those.