Broker Expo - Case Study

Date: 19 Mar 2019

The Broker Expo is the first show to utilise the full range of Ricoh Arena’s new digital platforms.

The Broker Expo – the UK’s biggest annual event for insurance brokers – became the first show to utilise the full range of Ricoh Arena’s new digital platforms during a record year for the expo.

More than 1,000 visitors and around 400 exhibitors came together with the venue’s digital channels at the heart of the show.

The event organisers were able to instantly put their stamp on the venue, thanks to the super-wide digital screen above Ricoh Arena’s main entrance so that as people drove in to the car park, all of their visitors were greeted with their event branding and a welcome message.

Ricoh Arena also has eight digital screens throughout the main atrium, which also enabled the Broker Expo to display information of their choice, such as personalised Wi-Fi log-in details and the day’s agenda.

The high-density of the venue’s Wi-Fi – which allows tens of thousands of people to stream content simultaneously – laid the foundations for the Broker Expo to run smoothly.

They were able to use touch-screen iPad technology to enable delegates to check in to sessions and tap on people’s badges to gather their contact details and other data to boost networking.

The personalised Wi-Fi also enabled the Jublia app to match exhibitors and visitors with each other on the day, based on their particular business interests, which would result in people meeting together at the designated ‘meeting point’.

Sara Donaldson, who organises the Broker Expo, said: “Digital channels are central to our show as it allows our exhibitors to connect with their relevant customers in a timely fashion, enabling them to maximise their business potential while at the show.

“Technology is a must nowadays, and the Ricoh Arena’s combination of super-fast, reliable Wi-Fi and digital screens meant that we were able to run our event smoothly from an operational perspective by delivering key information on screens to the masses, while also bringing the right people together in minimal time to do business together.”