Transform your home, and health, when SPATEX 2022 splashes down 1st – 3rd February 2022

1 Feb 2022 - 3 Feb 2022

The UK’s only dedicated water leisure event is coming to Coventry, as the swimming pool and hot tub industry booms following unprecedented demand.

SPATEX 2022 will take place at Coventry Building Society Arena from Tuesday, February 1 to Thursday, February 3.

The water leisure industry has expanded significantly over the last two years, and lockdown in 2020 led to searches for hot tubs increasing by over 650 per cent with some companies experiencing a staggering 400 to 600 per cent increase in sales – according to the industry’s watchdog, the British and Irish Hot Tub Association (BISHTA).

SPATEX 2022 will be the biggest event in the show’s 25-year history and will attract the world’s leading suppliers and manufacturers, showcasing their latest models and innovations in Coventry.

The event is free-to-attend and will give visitors the chance to view over 40 hot tubs, swim spas and swimming pools. Impartial advice will be available from a wealth of assembled experts on how to turn visitors’ houses and gardens into havens of wellness.

Visitors can expect to see everything under the water leisure umbrella, including enclosures, pergolas, saunas, steam rooms and all the peripheral products such as chemicals, tiles and heating and ventilation.

Michele Bridle, event organiser of SPATEX, said: “You could be swimming in your own back garden this summer. The latest generation one-piece swimming pools are making it easy and quick to install, as well as being cheaper to run.

“All that is needed is a pre-prepared hole into which the pool is lowered in, this is then backfilled with soil and filled with water and hey presto – your pool is ready for swimmers within a week of installation.

“Swim spas, otherwise known as exercise spas, are also massively popular and great if space is limited. Offering a counter water current, against which the swimmer exercises, they’re a fun way of working out. So too, are underwater exercise bikes.

The latest innovations mean that prices are coming down, and swimming and hot-tubbing in your own back garden is no longer the preserve of the wealthy. For instance, an inflatable spa is a great entry-level product for anyone considering hot tub ownership. The Brits have really embraced its numerous health and social benefits.”

SPATEX is also a great source of free learning: a double seminar and workshop programme offers 45 new topics on the maintenance of pools and hot tubs and promoting new ways of saving energy.

Visitors can turn up to SPATEX 2022 on the day, free of charge, or you can register in advance at