Rubik’s UK Championship 2023

20 Oct 2023 - 22 Oct 2023

Rubik’s UK Championship 2023

Presented by UK Cube Association

Date: October 20-22, 2023
Venue: Coventry Building Society Arena

🌟 Event Overview:
Step into the world of speedcubing as the UK Cube Association proudly presents the Rubik’s UK Championship 2023 at the Coventry Building Society Arena. For the second consecutive year, the arena will be the epicentre of exhilarating cube-solving action, witnessing 500 competitors in a head-to-head competition across 16 unique events.

🧩 Competition Highlights:

  • Classic 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube showdowns
  • Diverse cube sizes, from the nimble 2x2 to the intricate 7x7
  • Unique “twisty puzzles” including Pyraminx, Megaminx, Clock, Skewb, and Square-1
  • Extraordinary one-handed and blindfolded challenges
  • Official recognition by the World Cube Association for all competition solves

🌍 Global Participation:
Competitors from over 25 nations will assemble, but only UK representatives can claim the coveted Champion title. Can anyone dethrone last year's champion, the prodigious 13-year-old James Alonso?

🔥 Young Prodigies:
The world of speedcubing showcases talents like Yiheng Wang, a 9-year-old with a record 4.48-second average solve. The average competitor's age has been dropping, with the 2023 average pegged at just over 14 years. With competitors like Daniel Partridge aiming to defend titles, the stage is set for gripping competitions!

💡 Partnership Announcement:
Rubik's Brand, the cornerstone of the cube world, has come on board as our main sponsor. The legacy of Ernő Rubik's invention will be celebrated as we collaborate with Rubik's to deliver this year's National Championship.

📈 Growing Popularity:
The UK has witnessed a surge in speedcubing popularity since the pandemic. With over 40 competitions in 2023 alone, the annual UK Championship remains the most awaited event, boasting double the participants of any other UK competition.

🎟️ Spectators:
Be part of the excitement! Purchase a £5 spectator ticket from the Hall 2 Ticket Office to gain access to all three days of edge-of-your-seat action, including the grand finale on October 22nd.

🔗 More Information:
For a detailed competition schedule and additional insights, visit the official WCA page: