Ricoh Arena Launch High-Speed Public Wi-fi Service

Date: 8 Sep 2017

Revolutionising the way people experience live events

Visitors to the Ricoh Arena can now connect their mobile devices to one of the best high-speed public Wi-Fi services in an events venue, free of charge.

The 10 gigabit per second internet connection, more than 270 times the speed of the average UK home, was turned on for the first time before Wasps’ Aviva Premiership clash with Sale Sharks last weekend.

The Ricoh Arena has plugged into the ground-breaking capacity and speed as part of plans to become one of the best-connected events venues in the UK.

The UK’s largest alternative fibre network provider, CityFibre, is supplying the ultra-fast network to the Ricoh Arena– capable of streaming content to tens of thousands of people simultaneously.

It comes after the Ricoh Arena recently announced a ten-year partnership with leading technology company Ericsson, which has laid the infrastructural foundations for the ultra-fast internet connection via its Small Cell as a Service technology, which breaks down mobile data to enable thousands of visitors to receive content at the same time.

Nick Eastwood, CEO at the Ricoh Arena and Wasps, said: “This is much more than simply enabling sports fans to check scores or business people reading emails on their phones – it’s about revolutionising the way people experience live events with their smartphones and tablets when visiting the Ricoh Arena.

“The huge bandwidth connection provided by CityFibre, combined with the widespread Wi-Fi infrastructure laid out by Ericsson is laying the foundations to enable us to do that, with the Ricoh Arena being one of the only events venues in the UK with this powerful level of capacity and speed.

“Now that we have the digital capability in place to enhance thousands of visitors’ experiences all at once, ourselves and Ericsson are looking at innovative ways to use the powerful network at our disposal.

“This includes digital services that will benefit our visitors directly, as well as data that we can collect to help improve customers’ experiences from an operational perspective for future events – whether that’s a sporting event, music concert, conference or exhibition.

“This is very much one of the first pieces in our digital jigsaw, and we look forward to making further announcements in the future.”

CityFibre currently provides ultra-fast internet connectivity to hundreds of schools, council buildings, doctor’s surgeries and businesses throughout Coventry as part of its Gigabit City project. It also works closely with business connectivity specialist Onecom to offer full fibre connections and gigabit speed internet services to the city’s business community.

Rob Hamlin, Commercial Director at CityFibre added: “The Ricoh Arena now has access to ten times the capacity and speed of the best connected businesses in the region, enabling them to unlock their digital potential.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to see what happens when we inject the power of full fibre connectivity into a venue brimming with ideas and ambition of what they could do in the digital space.

“We look forward to working with both the Ricoh Arena and Ericsson in the future to help them position the Ricoh Arena as a leading digital venue.”